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How to become an Expart In Niche Blogger.

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52 Premium Niche Blogs

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The Most Powerful Blogging Course To Make Money Online (view mobile)

For Those Who Wants To Make An Extra $1,000 - $5,000 Part-Time Income By Blogging With No Experience…
“Discover The 3 Steps to Start A Profitable Online Blogging Business TODAY!”

For Those Who Wants To Make An Extra $1,000 - $5,000 Part-Time Income By Blogging With No Experience…

No matter who you are, where you live or how much experience you have... I'm about to teach you a 100% foolproof formula that guarantees to start an online business by using blogging or you don't pay a single penny.

Anyhow, have you been reading a lot on Facebook or social media that starting an online business is a very profitable business model… 

Requiring minimal start-up capital…

And you can acquire customers all over the world while you sleep?

And they have also said how easy it is.

Yet… why can’t many, even get started?

But, before we jump into solving that puzzle, do you know… According to the authority website,
“6.7 million people blog on blogging sites and 12 million people blog via social networks.”
What's more... interestingly, 14% of bloggers earn a salary through blogging, mainly by displaying ads, affiliate marketing links, or search ads! 

They didn’t even create their own digital products or sell physical products of their own!

And that’s just about blogging, alone. So, I think it’s REALLY POSSIBLE to make money online if you can clearly understand the methods of achieving it.

Let’s go back to the earlier question. I guess the reasons most failed is because…
The “Gurus” are taking them round in circles, with many complicated terms and jargon, which make it complicated to comprehend!
They are looking for the impossible – an online ATM machine that requires no work?
They don’t truly believe it, so they’ve taken no real actions.
The truth is, if you can understand the 3 steps I’ll be sharing on this webpage below, you can start an online business.

Let me go back to the beginning to continue the story… here they are...
1. Put Up a Blog and Share Valuable Content
The most misunderstood part is this - you need not be a writer or record videos to do this! 

The content need not be yours. The visitors want content, but they didn’t say they want your content. You could be sharing or curating someone’s content to make money online.

I mean, if you can write, record, or design content, that’s great, but if not… no problem. You can still start a website and launch your online business.
2. Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Once your website is up, drive traffic to it. 

There are so many ways to do it that are free… from social media to getting rank from search engines aka

The good news is, there are steps you can follow that almost guarantee you get visitors to your website quickly!
3. Monetize Your Traffic with Other People’s Offers!
You will promote something on your website to generate income. If you have nothing of your own to sell, you can just promote affiliate programs from,,, Amazon Associate Program, etc. to make amazing commissions. 

There are literally THOUSANDS of products for you to promote and cash in commissions. Or, promote CPA offers, where you’ll make money, just for generating leads. 

You can easily find offers from,,, or even use Google AdSense to make money from your visitor’s clicks!

So the point is, to make money online, all it takes is a GOOD WEBSITE and HAVING TRAFFIC to it. It goes hand-in-hand; without a good website, it won't get traffic.

As you can see, the monetization part is easy peasy because there are thousands of offers you can promote to generate income for your online business.
So, there you have it.

That's the EASIEST WAY to start making money online.

With that said, if you’re a newbie, embarking on the adventure of creating an online business from scratch, the risk of having information overload and cracking your head over the keyboard is definitely high.

Or, perhaps, losing 6 months of trying to put everything together in one piece, just to figure out how to make $10…

Imagine going through the internet, searching high and low to figure out…
How to create your website from scratch for free…
What types of content you should share?
What are the steps to make money from your website?
What are the proven methods to drive traffic to your website?
How to convert your visitors into buyers,
And the list... goes... on... 
As an online business entrepreneur, I understand the pain and fear you may have gone through, prior to reading this page. 

The frustrating, agonizing, lonely feeling you may have experienced because of the previous products or courses you have been through – those that never bring the results you want. 

Worse still, it just makes you more confused. 

Or sometimes, broke... After all, they promise you can make $1,000 per day, without “doing anything” or just “copy and paste.” And they'll sell it to you for 9 bucks or something so it becomes a "no brainer".

As you can see on this webpage, I won’t be insulting your intelligence by saying that. 

Because to reach that level of income, it may require a certain level of mastery in internet marketing. And no, that kind of course will probably be priced at $1,997. Not $9 bucko.

But, I think it’s possible for you to make $1,000 to $5,000 per month in the beginning, even with no products of your own… by just diving deep into the 3 steps I’ve shared above.

Do you feel frustrated without having another stream of part-time income and no experience of achieving it? If you do, then there is only one way to stop the pain: learn a simple to get started.

My friend, honestly, you're wasting way too much time going round in circles - trying to figure out...

Writing an eBook to sell...
Mastering video marketing and YouTube...
Social media marketing with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on...
Producing digital courses with video salesletter, upsells, etc...

When all it takes is launch a blog, get traffic to it and turn it into a business to generate income.

Here's a secret to internet success - do something that is EASY TO GET STARTED.

The good news is, you may not even need experience to get started, because… I am proud to share the solution you have been wanting to own… 

as your secret sauce for high speed success in creating the online business of your dream TODAY…

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This is the most comprehensive blogging training I’ve ever put together – we’re talking of step-by-step training of over 10 hours to teach you “everything” you need to start making money online!

Remember, it's STEP-BY-STEP with video tutorials. All you need to do is follow the steps...

If you want to be FANCY or appear to be somewhat advance, this is not for you. 

Or you're the type that get sucked into those "systems" that promise you that you do not need a domain name, you do not need a website, you do not this, you do not need that, bla, bla to make money except for knowing how to operation a computer and using the internet.

What I'm going to give you is "boring" but it works. 

Truthfully, Blogging Guru, in the right hands and right actions taken, is guaranteed to generate results, beyond any inkling of imagination you can have… regardless of your experience, skills, and knowledge of creating an online business.

It’s comprehensive and created as video trainings, where you’ll be able to follow step-by-step. 

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, even a newbie can do this.

There are 3 core modules to the Blogging Guru…

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Teach-Me-How? Free Training Videos For Internet Marketers!


You've Found The #1 Resource For FREE Internet Marketing Video Training!

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What Will I Learn Inside?...

  • Video Tutorial #1 - How To Register A ClickBank Account

Setting up a ClickBank account and promoting affiliate products is one of the easiest and fastest ways of making money on the internet. ClickBank is a well known affiliate and payment merchant. You will be shown how to create your own affiliate ID and imbed it with every product that you want to promote!
  • Video Tutorial #2 - How To Create A WordPress Blog

In this video you will learn how to register and create a Wordpress blog, and implement a new theme. Blogs are free to use and the search engines love the content that you provide to a blog and in return provide you with free search engine traffic!
  •  Video Tutorial #3 - How To Create A PayPal Payment Button

One on the easiest ways of accepting payments is through PayPal. I will show you how to set up your own PayPal button and integrate it into your website so you can start accepting payments and sell your own products and resell rights products!
  •  Video Tutorial #4 - How To Register A Domain Name

In this video I will specifically talk you through the procedure of setting up your own domain name with GoDaddy. Having your own domain name is essential if you are serious about selling your own products and other people's products as an affiliate!
  •  Video Tutorial #5 - How To Add Meta Descriptions To Your Website

When Google index's your site on their search engine results page you will be listed by title, description and by URL. I will show you how to add a meta description tag to your html code so that you can control what the search engine should be displaying about your website!
  •  Video Tutorial #6 - How To Set Up A Redirect

In this video I will show you how to set up a simple redirect script. You will need to know how to do this so you can cloak your affiliate links and redirect traffic from old expired links.
  •  Video Tutorial #7 - How To Create A MySQL User And Database

In this video I will show you how to create a MySQL table in the cPanel of your hosting account. When you start using third party scripts, software and advance plug-and-play websites you will need to learn how to add a user and database so that the software or script can communicate with your website.
  •  Video Tutorial #8 - How To Monitor Your Traffic
In this video I will teach you how to install a hit tracker on your website so you can monitor and analyise where, when and how your traffic comes to your websites. Never promote your website blindly!

  •  Video Tutorial #9 - How To Check Your Traffic Stats
I will show you how to track and check your traffic stats from inside your cPanel with Awstats.
  •  Video Tutorial #10 - Google Mail Setup
In this tutorial I will talk you through the procedure of setting up your own Google mail account.
  •  Video Tutorial #11 - How To 'Mass Pay' Your PayDotCom Affiliates
In this tutorial I will show you how to pay all your affiliates who have promoted your product all at once.
  •  Video Tutorial #12 - How To Set Up Your PayDotCom Affiliate Account
Like ClickBank, PayDotCom allows you to promote other people's products and publish your own digital products. I will take you through the step-by-step procedures!
  • Video Tutorial #13 - How To Set Up A PayDotCom Payment Page
When you have your own product to publish for affiliates you will need to learn how to implement a payment link, likewise with ClickBank and PayPal. I will show you how to do this in this tutorial.
  •  Video Tutorial #14 - How To Embed A YouTube Video Into Your Web Page
Videos can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your web page and sales page. I will show you how to imbed the code into your page and show you how simple it is to do!

  • Video Tutorial #15 - How To Turn Your Headline Into An Image
Creating an image headline dramatically enhances the first impression and appearance of your sales page and website. Learn how to create titles with impact and style in this tutorial!

  • Video Tutorial #16 - How To Produce Your Camtasia Video
In this video I will show you how to create a camtasia video and compile in a shareable format so it can be easily distributed and gain you massive amounts of traffic!
  •  Video Tutorial #17 - How To Add An 'Honest E' Web Seal Logo
I'm going to show you how to stand out amongst the crowd by adding credability with the 'Honest E' Logo. Most webmasters do not add this to their sales pages which can lose the confidence and trust of many potential customers!
  •  Video Tutorial #18 - Adding Aweber Code To Your Website
One of the most important tutorials you will be watching is being able to grow your own list! I will show you how to build your list and install the capture form code so you can start building a huge contact list of prospects, customers and affiliates!
  •  Video Tutorial #19 - Checking Aweber For Correct Installation
In this tutorial I will show you how to make sure that your Aweber capture form is properly installed and that everything is running smoothly.
  •  Video Tutorial #20 - How To Imbed An Aweber Javascript
Similar to the web capture form, I will show you how to install the javascipt form into your website so you can start building your own list in as many niches as you want!

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How to Create a Blog

Now that we've learnt the fundamentals of affiliate selling, you are now currently able to produce your own blog! This may assist you to quickly get a sensible feel of the items we tend to learn during this course.
A blog might assist you to push your profession or business. Or, perhaps you'll simply indite one thing you're keen on and share it with individuals. However the most plan is that you simply are able to place affiliate links on your blog and earn commissions by merchandising different people’s merchandise.

These topics are divided into 3 components. The primary half are turning out with associate degree idea; the second are the way to create your blog helpful for people; and also the third can teach you ways to start out your blog.

PART 1: consider a subject for your blog
If you're getting to begin blogging, the primary factor to try to determine what you wish to put in writing concerning. you would like to come back up with a thought.

The best topic would be one thing you love; one thing concerning that you'll speak endlessly and, therefore, place into words. Here are some counseled concepts to assist you get started-
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fitness/Weight Loss
  • Body Building
  • Education
  • Skin Care/Cosmetics
  • Babies
  • Technology/Gadgets
If none of those topics assist you to decide a subject, raise yourself –

What am i actually sensible in?
What very interests me?
What is that one topic on that I will simply collect information?

My personal purpose of read if you wish to figure long haul within the on-line selling then selected within the following Topics wherever you'll get an enormous traffic: 
  • Health
  • Money
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Travel

A blog is often concerning something. It may also be concerning your business or profession.

PART 2: however are you able to create your blog helpful to your users?
The key factor to recollect is that if your blog is helpful to your guests, you’ll do nice within the long haul. Once individuals realize it helpful, the traffic can increase. Some concepts for connecting with individual’s  given below:

Teach individuals one thing – Use your experience during a specific space and share your information with folks that would love to understand a lot of concerning it.

Provide data on Latest Trends and News- If you've got experience on a specific topic, then you'd maintain with the news and trends associated with the subject. The news that you simply give ought to be ‘insider’ news. This may increase the audience of your blog.

Making individuals Laugh – Laughter is beyond question the most effective drugs in today’s world. Just think, what percentage times you surf Infobahn to scan things which will cause you to laugh! If you'll get an individual to laugh whereas reading what you've got written, then individuals can visit your blog. Write things during a inventive and funny means so it tickles their cubital nerve.

Be an idea – does one have inspiring stories to share? Perhaps you've got recovered from a heavy ill and have overcome it bravely! Or, perhaps you fought for your rights and would love to inspire others to try to the same! No matter your story, whether or not on the roads, geographical point or reception, share it with others and inspire them to beat their issues.

A piece of recommendation here! Visit different blogs to ascertain what different bloggers do and the way they're doing it. Visit a preferred blog and take a look at to spot the points that create it totally different and fascinating. Google is your friend for this analysis.

So, whereas you're craving for ways that to extend the audience of your blog, keep in mind there are some things that you simply shouldn't blog concerning. Don’t provide out names and indite your geographical point, share secrets or data which will cause hassle for people. If you're writing concerning your geographical point, then you must bear in mind of what's and what's not permissible.

Note - you'll have to be compelled to avoid repetition and pasting from different pages on-line since that's treated as plagiarism and it might cause your blog obtaining rejected by networks. The secret is to require inspiration from different pages however pioneer it whereas adding it to your blog.

You can additionally scan through relevant books, magazines or have a discussion with folks that would have information on the subject you've got chosen.

Now that you simply have an inspiration prepared, allow us to start with blog creation.

PART 3: the way to begin your Blog?
You can produce a blog on any of the subsequent for free-
Ok let American state make a case for details on the highest few web site for Blogging……….. Perhaps one amongst the foremost very well-known platforms, Blogger is backed by Google, therefore it’s trustworthy and reliable. It’s unbelievably easy to start out mistreatment Blogger because the site takes you piecemeal through making your site. There are plenty of customization choices and you'll purchase templates through outside web site in addition. Another very comfort and easy platform, WordPress is a super-flexible for anyone whether or not you’re a blogger WHO writes or a creative person WHO needs to indicate their portfolio. You’ll additionally upgrade and obtain your own name. Like Tumblr, different WordPress users will like, see, and reblog your posts departure you with the potential for a lot of followers and readers. Weebly options heaps of distinctive and trendy themes to start out you blog off trying recent. It additionally offers ecommerce, associate degree iPhone app for posting on the go, and straightforward linking to your social media. This web site is definitely dummy-free and makes it as simple as attainable for you to dive right into the blogging scene. Wix options many distinctive and extremely professional-looking templates which will simply be made-to-order to stay your blog distinctive and totally different from everybody else’s. You’ll additionally add apps onto your web site in addition as a web store and your links to your social media accounts. Tumblr is well the most effective of the ten platforms once it involves visuals. Images, videos, music—it’s all very easy to show on your tumblr profile. And, there ar heaps of inventive ways in which you'll showcase them. Individuals may also “reblog” your posts departure you with a lot of followers and a bigger fan base. supported in 2012 by Evan Williams (Twitter, Blogger) and line of work Stone (Twitter), this platform offers a definite story-telling feel. Penzu is favourite thanks to its versatility: There are 3 differing types of journals you'll begin once you sign in for the site: Daily Diary (public), communicative  Journal (private), and Travel Journal (great if you’re happening a trip). You’ll additionally attempt the location out before you sign in for it in addition. Definitely the foremost inventive, trendy and skilled of the ten platforms, Square Space is that the solely expensive possibility however can certainly deliver the most effective results. superb for photographers, store homeowners, bloggers, musicians and business homeowners, this platform options heaps of templates that may keep your blog trying polished and skilled. : A super-slick and trendy platform, Svbtle feels a lot of sort of a doodle pad. : this can be a good platform to use if you’re trying to form a lot of of knowledgeable atmosphere for your readers. You’ll drag and drop parts around your web site for the final word made-to-order page. the location additionally featured associate degree ecommerce feature—great if you’re making an attempt to sell a product.

Let's undergo the steps to form a diary/blog on for immediate. Google owns a blog creation web site,, that's simple to use and can get you started in exactly some minutes. The advantage of mistreatment is that you simply get the extra advantage of having the ability to use Google’s
blog management tools.

You can produce a free blog here!

So, let’s start with the lesson on the way to start your blog on

Step one – does one have a Google account? If not, the primary step is to sign in for associate degree account. Register for a Google account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button that's set at the highest corner on the proper facet.

Step ‘2’ – Click on ‘New Blog’.

Step three – select a blog name and your blog address. For this, you'll choose a example from the choices given or see a lot of options and alter it later.
After selecting the example, choose ‘Create Blog’.

Step four – Click on ‘Start Blogging’.

Step five – Enter the title and text and at last click on ‘Publish’.

With these steps, your blog is prepared. There are, however, some things that you simply ought to keep in mind.

The first of those is that your blog should move. This suggests that you simply ought to be according to maintaining your blog and create regular posts. Rather than making an attempt to attain perfection, create your blog live. Making an attempt to attain perfection can solely delay things. you'll create postings then modify them later if needed.

Here are some blogs that you'll read to know however they look-

So, if you strictly need to find out the way to blog, ShoutMeLoud is that the excellent alternative from my site.

Table of Contents
Best Indian Blogs you want to scan
  1. : Digital Inspiration
  2. : Shouters WHO Inspire
  5. : Asian nation Business and Technology Buzz
  6. : Technology customized

The higher than blogs are prime ten Indian Blogs you want to scan continuously wherever you'll undergo a lot of blogs for inspiration. they're thought-about as a number of the most effective bloggers in Asian nation.

You may produce a lot of blogs when your 1st one mistreatment your same account, however keep this one active and work to create it triple-crown. Remember, that the key to triple-crown blogging is interaction and consistency.

Consider this 1st blog as your apply diary. Gets your diary going with some initial posts? You’ll pick up when a moment. Be at liberty to fiddle experiment and learn. You’ll equally produce over one blog/diary if you wish on totally different topics.

If you're able to produce a decent blog then you do not want a web site. There are various folks that own a blog, have ads on their blogs and earn plenty of cash through their blogs. Your blog can become in style if you're able to write original content on your blog and post articles wherever you're giving helpful data to users. For all our members we are going to cowl web site creation additionally, as that's additionally vital.
And, if you've got any drawback, we tend to are here to assist you. Please open a price ticket at:

Happy Blogging!

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