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How to Create a Blog

Now that we've learnt the fundamentals of affiliate selling, you are now currently able to produce your own blog! This may assist you to quickly get a sensible feel of the items we tend to learn during this course.
A blog might assist you to push your profession or business. Or, perhaps you'll simply indite one thing you're keen on and share it with individuals. However the most plan is that you simply are able to place affiliate links on your blog and earn commissions by merchandising different people’s merchandise.

These topics are divided into 3 components. The primary half are turning out with associate degree idea; the second are the way to create your blog helpful for people; and also the third can teach you ways to start out your blog.

PART 1: consider a subject for your blog
If you're getting to begin blogging, the primary factor to try to determine what you wish to put in writing concerning. you would like to come back up with a thought.

The best topic would be one thing you love; one thing concerning that you'll speak endlessly and, therefore, place into words. Here are some counseled concepts to assist you get started-
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fitness/Weight Loss
  • Body Building
  • Education
  • Skin Care/Cosmetics
  • Babies
  • Technology/Gadgets
If none of those topics assist you to decide a subject, raise yourself –

What am i actually sensible in?
What very interests me?
What is that one topic on that I will simply collect information?

My personal purpose of read if you wish to figure long haul within the on-line selling then selected within the following Topics wherever you'll get an enormous traffic: 
  • Health
  • Money
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Travel

A blog is often concerning something. It may also be concerning your business or profession.

PART 2: however are you able to create your blog helpful to your users?
The key factor to recollect is that if your blog is helpful to your guests, you’ll do nice within the long haul. Once individuals realize it helpful, the traffic can increase. Some concepts for connecting with individual’s  given below:

Teach individuals one thing – Use your experience during a specific space and share your information with folks that would love to understand a lot of concerning it.

Provide data on Latest Trends and News- If you've got experience on a specific topic, then you'd maintain with the news and trends associated with the subject. The news that you simply give ought to be ‘insider’ news. This may increase the audience of your blog.

Making individuals Laugh – Laughter is beyond question the most effective drugs in today’s world. Just think, what percentage times you surf Infobahn to scan things which will cause you to laugh! If you'll get an individual to laugh whereas reading what you've got written, then individuals can visit your blog. Write things during a inventive and funny means so it tickles their cubital nerve.

Be an idea – does one have inspiring stories to share? Perhaps you've got recovered from a heavy ill and have overcome it bravely! Or, perhaps you fought for your rights and would love to inspire others to try to the same! No matter your story, whether or not on the roads, geographical point or reception, share it with others and inspire them to beat their issues.

A piece of recommendation here! Visit different blogs to ascertain what different bloggers do and the way they're doing it. Visit a preferred blog and take a look at to spot the points that create it totally different and fascinating. Google is your friend for this analysis.

So, whereas you're craving for ways that to extend the audience of your blog, keep in mind there are some things that you simply shouldn't blog concerning. Don’t provide out names and indite your geographical point, share secrets or data which will cause hassle for people. If you're writing concerning your geographical point, then you must bear in mind of what's and what's not permissible.

Note - you'll have to be compelled to avoid repetition and pasting from different pages on-line since that's treated as plagiarism and it might cause your blog obtaining rejected by networks. The secret is to require inspiration from different pages however pioneer it whereas adding it to your blog.

You can additionally scan through relevant books, magazines or have a discussion with folks that would have information on the subject you've got chosen.

Now that you simply have an inspiration prepared, allow us to start with blog creation.

PART 3: the way to begin your Blog?
You can produce a blog on any of the subsequent for free-
Ok let American state make a case for details on the highest few web site for Blogging……….. Perhaps one amongst the foremost very well-known platforms, Blogger is backed by Google, therefore it’s trustworthy and reliable. It’s unbelievably easy to start out mistreatment Blogger because the site takes you piecemeal through making your site. There are plenty of customization choices and you'll purchase templates through outside web site in addition. Another very comfort and easy platform, WordPress is a super-flexible for anyone whether or not you’re a blogger WHO writes or a creative person WHO needs to indicate their portfolio. You’ll additionally upgrade and obtain your own name. Like Tumblr, different WordPress users will like, see, and reblog your posts departure you with the potential for a lot of followers and readers. Weebly options heaps of distinctive and trendy themes to start out you blog off trying recent. It additionally offers ecommerce, associate degree iPhone app for posting on the go, and straightforward linking to your social media. This web site is definitely dummy-free and makes it as simple as attainable for you to dive right into the blogging scene. Wix options many distinctive and extremely professional-looking templates which will simply be made-to-order to stay your blog distinctive and totally different from everybody else’s. You’ll additionally add apps onto your web site in addition as a web store and your links to your social media accounts. Tumblr is well the most effective of the ten platforms once it involves visuals. Images, videos, music—it’s all very easy to show on your tumblr profile. And, there ar heaps of inventive ways in which you'll showcase them. Individuals may also “reblog” your posts departure you with a lot of followers and a bigger fan base. supported in 2012 by Evan Williams (Twitter, Blogger) and line of work Stone (Twitter), this platform offers a definite story-telling feel. Penzu is favourite thanks to its versatility: There are 3 differing types of journals you'll begin once you sign in for the site: Daily Diary (public), communicative  Journal (private), and Travel Journal (great if you’re happening a trip). You’ll additionally attempt the location out before you sign in for it in addition. Definitely the foremost inventive, trendy and skilled of the ten platforms, Square Space is that the solely expensive possibility however can certainly deliver the most effective results. superb for photographers, store homeowners, bloggers, musicians and business homeowners, this platform options heaps of templates that may keep your blog trying polished and skilled. : A super-slick and trendy platform, Svbtle feels a lot of sort of a doodle pad. : this can be a good platform to use if you’re trying to form a lot of of knowledgeable atmosphere for your readers. You’ll drag and drop parts around your web site for the final word made-to-order page. the location additionally featured associate degree ecommerce feature—great if you’re making an attempt to sell a product.

Let's undergo the steps to form a diary/blog on for immediate. Google owns a blog creation web site,, that's simple to use and can get you started in exactly some minutes. The advantage of mistreatment is that you simply get the extra advantage of having the ability to use Google’s
blog management tools.

You can produce a free blog here!

So, let’s start with the lesson on the way to start your blog on

Step one – does one have a Google account? If not, the primary step is to sign in for associate degree account. Register for a Google account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button that's set at the highest corner on the proper facet.

Step ‘2’ – Click on ‘New Blog’.

Step three – select a blog name and your blog address. For this, you'll choose a example from the choices given or see a lot of options and alter it later.
After selecting the example, choose ‘Create Blog’.

Step four – Click on ‘Start Blogging’.

Step five – Enter the title and text and at last click on ‘Publish’.

With these steps, your blog is prepared. There are, however, some things that you simply ought to keep in mind.

The first of those is that your blog should move. This suggests that you simply ought to be according to maintaining your blog and create regular posts. Rather than making an attempt to attain perfection, create your blog live. Making an attempt to attain perfection can solely delay things. you'll create postings then modify them later if needed.

Here are some blogs that you'll read to know however they look-

So, if you strictly need to find out the way to blog, ShoutMeLoud is that the excellent alternative from my site.

Table of Contents
Best Indian Blogs you want to scan
  1. : Digital Inspiration
  2. : Shouters WHO Inspire
  5. : Asian nation Business and Technology Buzz
  6. : Technology customized

The higher than blogs are prime ten Indian Blogs you want to scan continuously wherever you'll undergo a lot of blogs for inspiration. they're thought-about as a number of the most effective bloggers in Asian nation.

You may produce a lot of blogs when your 1st one mistreatment your same account, however keep this one active and work to create it triple-crown. Remember, that the key to triple-crown blogging is interaction and consistency.

Consider this 1st blog as your apply diary. Gets your diary going with some initial posts? You’ll pick up when a moment. Be at liberty to fiddle experiment and learn. You’ll equally produce over one blog/diary if you wish on totally different topics.

If you're able to produce a decent blog then you do not want a web site. There are various folks that own a blog, have ads on their blogs and earn plenty of cash through their blogs. Your blog can become in style if you're able to write original content on your blog and post articles wherever you're giving helpful data to users. For all our members we are going to cowl web site creation additionally, as that's additionally vital.
And, if you've got any drawback, we tend to are here to assist you. Please open a price ticket at:

Happy Blogging!

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RevenueHits Vs Google Adsense

Hello dear, now a days I will give up with my personal review concerning Well, however this post is not to all folks, except for people that run websites/blogs [Bloggers]. Therefore this comes underneath “earning cash with ads” class.

Who ought to use this Revenuehits?
Those who don’t have Google Adsense or bored with alternative ad networks.
Those who area unit in want of cash for 100 (%) percent

Why I used RevenueHits and continued  it?
For one amongst my sites, I don’t have Adsense. Therefore ne'er earned via Adsense for that web site
I’m receiving per day Brobdingnagian page views (only organic). Therefore with this traffic, why ought to I leave my journal ad slots empty, a minimum of earning 1$ per day is healthier than earning nothing.

Some small print that you must understand Revenuehits Ads: 1) since Revenuehits has the geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology, the ads can disagree from a rustic to country. It means, readers of GB can see completely different completely different} ad and readers of Asian nation can see different ad although each the readers visit constant post on our web site. therefore this may facilitate US in obtaining additional cash overall.

2) In contrast to Google Adsense, there are not any restrictions to stay restricted no of ads overall on our site you will place as several ads as you would like in Revenuehits!

3) Notwithstanding whether or not your journal is Blogger journal or WordPress blog! Notwithstanding what niche your web site is (Except Po*n)! Notwithstanding what proportion traffic you get! I’m supplying you with a special link for submitting your websites/blogs for approval.

4) If your blog/website site receives additional traffic from the USA, then you've got additional possibilities to achieve additional quantity of cash from

5) You'll keep your threshold payment as you like! however the minimum limit is 20$.

6) You’ll ads as several blogs/sites (which you own) as you would like in your revenuehits account and might earn from all of your blogs at a time by inserting the ads all told of your blogs/sites.

7) Like Adsense accounts obtaining prohibited instantly with none previous notification, here the possibilities of obtaining Revenuehits account prohibited is just too low!

Ok, currently we have a tendency to shall look at the most half,

Now a days, there are a unit plenty of how much to earn cash from our websites or blogs. In that, CPC, CPM, comptroller etc area unit most illustrious ways in which.  As per my read, it's quite simple to earn cash with CPC instead of CPM, CPA. Returning to CPC., Google Adsense is that the most illustrious one to earn cash, however obtaining Adsense approval is difficult nowadays. Although we've Adsense, we have a tendency to might not get enough cash! for instance, I don’t have Adsense for my sites, persistently I got rejected earlier therefore i used to be looking from an extended time concerning the way to earn cash from those blogs aside from Adsense, then I Found Revenuehits. Therefore I started victimization it, done experiments with varied ad formats and at last glad well!

RevenueHits may be a pure comptroller (Cost Per Action) platform. Therefore it doesn’t matter if the ads on your web site get one hundred thousand clicks or one hundred thousand impressions every day as a result is not CPC or CPM platform. We have a tendency to get cash here by only our web site readers performs associate action, which implies they must click the ad and install the actual software package within the ad or complete the survey that shows within the ad. Don’t worry; they're 100 percent safe, real softwares.

RevenueHits is that the solely Performance Base on Ad Network that was build subsequently by and for publishers. Established in 2008, RevenueHits ad serving technology delivers group of pair of billion impressions daily to a growing people of thousands of publishers, across the planet.

RevenueHits permits WordPress Publishers to simply install the RevenueHits official advertising plugin to boost revenues for WordPress websites and blogs. All you've got to try and do is:

Sign up for RevenueHits Publisher account Download and install the plugin Activate the plugin underneath Settings, choose RevenueHits Settings
Insert your RevenueHits user name and word.
Therefore i made a decision to write down a review post concerning “How to earn cash with RevenueHits” and want to  share all my experience, tips etc as I’m with success victimization this

Ok, returning to the subject, guys,

What is RevenueHits?
RevenueHits is that the Best Ad Network that supports discourse ads for each mobile and desktop platforms. It is rather like Adsense that counts each impressions and clicks. It uses Geo-Targeting Ads to maximize the revenue of publishers. The eCPM for this ad network is around 30$ that is actually nice in comparison to alternative ad networks. For example; it won’t show Indian connected ads or banners to guests returning from US!

According to the data, RevenueHits is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd – a privately-held, Israel-based start-up company based in 2008 by some roaring school specialists. RevenueHits is essentially a comptroller (Cost Per Acquisition) primarily based advertising network. So the total revenue depends upon the user actions.

Difference Between Adsense and RevenueHits
There are units several variations between AdSense and RevenueHits.Some are:
  • Here are units few major reasons AdSense isn't an honest option:
  • The earnings are a unit all restricted and minimum payment is 100$.
  • As such a big amount of folk’s are unit victimization Adsense, there's a awfully less likelihood for folks to click ads in your web site.
  • Ads build your web site load terribly slower.Also, once a user clicks on the ad they're redirected to ad page feat your page.
  • If you're not targeting US or GB, you're not attending to build more cash notwithstanding what proportion traffic you get!
  • In case of RevenueHits, they won’t simply offer you with banner ads however you'll conjointly legalize toolbar, widgets and add-ons.
  • You should positively attempt RevenueHits.Let’s discuss the advantages of RevenueHits over Adsense below.
  • Benefits Of RevenueHits Over AdSense
  • Major reasons that make a case for Why RevenueHits is healthier than AdSense:
  • Getting AdSense approval is often arduous.Whereas on RevenueHits your account gets approved forthwith.
  • The minimum payment in RevenueHits is 20$ that is a smaller amount than Adsense.
  • RevenueHits pays terribly quickly. for instance, January earnings are going to be paid by the tip of January month.
  • RevenueHits has payment choices like Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.Whereas Google Adsense solely has Wire Transfer as a payment possibility.
  • RevenueHits conjointly supports Pop ups, Pop Under, Banners, Sliders etc. which can change you to earn additional in comparison to Adsense.

Features Of RevenueHits
For Publishers:
1) Display wealthy Media: Choose any of their varied banners sizes and formats that match your web site to achieve access their Brobdingnagian pool of advertisers. Their formula can realize the most effective acting offers for your site/blog to optimize your earnings. It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

2) Text Ads: Why not use the facility of text to assist you increases the revenues from your site? they provide regular and discourse text ads, which might be integrated with alternative formats in your web site, or will stand on its own. It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

3) Pop Ups/Unders: By adding Pop Ups or Pop Under to your site/app, you'll boost your revenue forthwith. Their system can show it in a very management means so as to optimize your performances.It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

4)Apps & Widgets: You will build cash not solely from your web site, however even from your Apps or Widgets. They need special formats for your desires that may assist you legalize your App or gizmo. It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

5) XML Feeds: If you would like to optimize your computer program results, the most effective thanks to copulate is by victimization the appropriate XML feed. By adding XML feeds to your blog/web site, you offer practicality thereto and keep your users glad.

6) Custom Formats: In addition to any or all customary formats, they prefer to produce custom formats consistent with the publisher’s desires and requests.

For Advertisers:

1) Global Reach: They show a pair of BILLION ad impressions each single day, covering tens of innumerable distinctive users across the planet.

2) Multiple Verticals: Dating, Mobile, Shopping, Lead Gen, Coupons, Travel, recreation, Insurance, Casual gambling, Software, and more.

3)Cross Platform: Their ads area unit deployed on a mess of platforms, together with text link ads, banners, toolbars and software package bundles.

Sign Up As A Publisher

If you would like to check in as a publisher with Revenue Hits simply or click on the image below to induce started.

You’ll have to be compelled to extra service your details together with your web site or mobile app, URL, class and a short description to induce accepted. They will approve your web site forthwith once reviewing it. So don’t worry concerning being rejected.
Your next step is to supply partner data. Enter your username, password, your name, phone variety, skype id etc., currently you've got to enter your payment preferences like payments via PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer etc.

Once you've got stuffed all the small print and click on “Continue” button a popup can show up asking you to scan the terms and conditions. Once you click thereon, you’re finished the registration!
Now, you'll log into it by getting into your login credentials. After getting into your login details you'll be taken to the dashboard.

Creating Ads:
To create ads, open Placements tab in your Revenuehits account.
Now it’ll show you a pair of choices – “New Placement” and “New Mobile Placement“.
“New Placement” suggests that the ads associated with Desktop site  “New Mobile Placement” suggests that the ads associated with Mobile site.

Ok, currently I’m classifying each the categories of placements and also the ads accessible in those placements.

“New Placement” (Desktop Ads):  During this kind, all the desktop mode ads are going to be gift, like Banner ads, slider ads etc.      Of course, regardless of the ad format that you decide on here, and place it on your site/blog, then the ad can run each on desktop version and mobile version of your web site, which implies, if a reader from the USA visited your journal from his laptop, he’ll see the ad and if a reader from the united kingdom visited your journal in his mobile, he’ll too see the ads.

So in easy, I will say as, all the ads in “New Placement” tab can run each on computer and mobile.

Well, there are units such a big amount of ad formats and ad sorts accessible in “New Placement” tab. I’m mentioning all those accessible ads here,

1) Banner
2) 158×21 Button
3) 468×60 Footer
4) 728×90 Footer
5) opening
6) Popunder
7) Shadow Box
8) Slider
9) Topbar

Easily promote your referral link and earn extra cash

RevenueHits Payment
Once you create $50 victimization RevenueHits, you'll withdraw your cash. RevenueHits pay you via PayPal, Payoneer (Min $20) and Wire transfer ($500 and above).The payments also are created terribly fast. Remember, they pay on a NET30 basis; therefore what you earn this month gets paid at the tip of succeeding month. If you're a accepted publisher then they're going to pay you quicker while not minding NET30

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How to import your web log into Facebook

When we discovered our completely No Limts  page on Facebook, we have a tendency to integrated the Anolim web log with it. therefore you'll currently follow our web log on Facebook Notes page.
Here i will be able to share with you a straightforward thanks to share your web log on a Facebook page mistreatment the Facebook Notes app. you'll able to share your web log on your personal Facebook page (ideal for a private blog) or share it / import it into a "business" page.
  • Install the Facebook Notes application: initial click here to travel to the Notes apppage. On this page click on the "Go To App" button within the high paw corner - this may install the Notes app for you.
  • Currently move to your page, in our case
  • Click Edit Page on the highest right
  • Click Apps within the left sidebar
  • Hunt for the Notes app and click on the "Go To App" link on the Notes line.
  • At rock bottom of the left sidebar hunt for a link known as "Import a Blog". Click this and follow the   directions which is able to raise you for the address of your RSS feed.
  • Your web log can ultimately show informed your Notes tab (this could take upto a handful of hours).
Congratulations! you have got done it.
Each foreign web log post (a note) can mechanically generate Associate in Nursing entry on your page's wall. This can be precisely what you would like, so your page fans (those United Nations agency have likable your page) see your web log post title show up in their feed.
Note that these directions area unit for the new Facebook profile.
Know some tricks associated with this? be at liberty to share it in an exceedingly comment. If you have got issues obtaining it operating, allow us to apprehend in an exceedingly comment.

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