Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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Best Ptc Site - Top Ptc Sites 2016 - How To Use Paidverts (Earn $20-40 daily)

How many people like and joining the paidverts company because small time in bigner amount wining the with in few day and paid able webside small working and beginer amount win the webside so lets the joining paidverts webside and earning the money with online system many people earn the larage amount of this webside click the link and joining the webside and archive the big money on yourself with on few days and simply your balnce in your bank acount pyaza paypal


Paidverts is world best PTC site. I am workings on Paidverts Since 4 months and I earn 15$ Per days only view 18 to 19 Ad.  Paidverts Given everyday 200 BAB and   18 to 19 Ad. Paidverts site was hear from Youtube  and join because I am earn online money . I do work 2 months  on paidverts site and I earn only 50$ but next months my earnings increase and I earn 15$ perday. Paidverta minimum payout is 2$. Paidverts is very good PTC site

PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers!

Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily. All you have to do is copy 3 lines of text about the ad. And then visit the website for up to 30 seconds to unlock your instant cash payment.

Earn more with Bonus Ad Points!

Bonus Ad Points are how we measure your proven value to prospective advertisers. The more you accumulate, the larger value ads your account will gain priority in receiving.

Become a Recycler Pro with just $0.05

Users have 18hours to click on the ads issued to them, or they're automatically recycled to another user. Purchase a pro upgrade from your My Account page, to gain priority receiving these ads.

Advertisers! Communicate like never before

We delivered proven high value users to you website, who will first copy and paste your three unique selling points, in captcha form, before visiting. So they're primed, and know what they're looking at, when they land on your webpage!
Check out our bulk ad packs; $1 delivers:
(1) 50x paid visits to your website for up to 30 seconds each, after users have copied 3 selling points about your business.
(2) 100x banner impressions 125*125px
(3) 25x top of page banner impressions 728*90px or 468*60px

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