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About Blogger Sidebar

Hello my dear Friends, thanks for browsing on about page at Blogger Sidebar

Blogger sidebar was published in June,/ 2016 by Biswajit Mohanta with a lot of thought, experience, and knowledge to provide a proper guidance to all visitors especially related for newbie bloggers.

The information in this blog helped me to say hello to my greatness and the blog was inspiring and insightful.
The goal of my blog is to make a better platform for the blogger in the Digital marketing era so that no one can be jobless in the 21st century.

To be successful in life, never downgrade yourself or your importance in life, and never allow others to berate you or make fun you. You produce results in the world through your thoughts (desire), your feelings (passion) and your attitude (intention). Whatever you want, or really don’t want you will get. Your passion or fear gives you both. We all needs to have a mission to create a platform to learn a real blogging this will be highlighted in my blog “blogger sidebar”.

Blogger sidebar is designing in such a way that each and everyone can be understood easily without any inconvenience. Where I always maintain quality of service and better guidance to every blogger at every stage to deal with the issue and problems that face in their blogging career. My aim is to make revenue but not at the cost of my reader’s trust. My unique and details post will help you to be an independent successful blogger.

Blogger needs proper guidance and perfect resources and to learn a concept that result is good productivity.
Dear friends, since now a day’s a blog is not limited only to expressing our thoughts but it’s a huge instrument for encasement of precious thought which are needs to others.

On the basis of this view, my blog is highlighted in the following categories are mentions below:

•    On Line Trading Management

•    Affiliate Marketing

•    Digital Profit

•    Blogging Technique

• /

•    Search Engine Optimizer (S E O) etc.

Founder of the Blog
        My name is Biswajit Mohanta, I am 36yrs. Old from Meghalaya, India a per time blogger my ambition is to become a professional blogger. And I believed GOD helps those who help themselves to be success in the life. I always try to learn a new thing about Technology from online as I was related with IT background since 2003 and most of the time I spent to learn blogging through internet as I did a course from internet “ONLINE TRADING MANAGEMENT” in January, 2015.

Once again, I say to thanks to all visitors for reading my blog.

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